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What Attracts Bed Bugs To Bite You

Many people believe that bed bugs are drawn to filth, grime, and dirt, but this is not true. Instead, these pests prefer warm environments with easy access to carbon dioxide and their preferred food: blood.

Bed bugs prefer to live near living things and will seek out areas where people and animals congregate. Hotels and motels are among the most commonly infested locations in the country. Unfortunately, there isn't much a regular person can do to make their home less appealing to bed bugs. Cleaning and removing clutter and garbage as soon as possible reduces the number of places for pests to hide. What Attracts Bed Bugs to Bite You.

What Attracts Bed Bugs To Bite You?

Homeowners should also vacuum regularly to pick up any stray bed bugs that may have landed on them. If I found a beg bug then I prefer to take bed bug services near me.

What Chemicals Attract the Most Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are not attracted by cleaning chemicals or natural hormones produced by humans and animals. Scientists do not believe that any household product, such as ammonia, bleach, or fabric softeners, attracts these vexing pests.

However, recent research by Dr. Regine Gries shows that bed bugs are attracted to a chemical that they produce: histamine. Histamine is produced by humans, but only during certain immune responses. Having an allergic reaction will not attract a bed bug. However, histamine does accumulate in the skin and feces of bed bugs, alerting others to safe areas. Dr. Gries' lab discovered that when histamine levels rise, other bed bugs recognize that the area is safe and has food.

This is bad news for people who already have large infestations because they may become even worse (think snowball effect). People who do find the occasional bed bug are aware that the population should be eradicated as soon as possible to avoid histamine buildup.

What Brings Bed Bugs into Your Home

Many people believe that a dirty home attracts bed bugs, but this is a myth. They will also enter any house. Being rich or poor has no bearing on their presence. Bed bugs typically enter a home on a person or an animal. So, aside from keeping things clean, regularly vacuuming, and keeping yourself and any pets well-groomed, there isn't much you can do to keep bed bugs out of your home.

What Attracts Humans to Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are attracted to your location primarily by the CO2 you exhale and the heat you emit. When you fall asleep, your CO2 levels rise, signaling to bed bugs that you may be sleeping and thus more vulnerable to bites.

On top of that…

Blood, a bed bug's favorite food, accounts for approximately 7% of a human's body weight. Bed bugs regard humans as their next meal in the same way that a person might regard a potato or a crop of corn as delectable morsels.

  • It isn't much you can do to make yourself less appealing to bed bugs

A fundamental rule is to keep yourself clean and well-groomed. People are frequently attacked by pests. Staying clean and brushing your hair ensures that any bed bugs on you are washed away by the end of the day. If you keep your area clean and tidy, you should be able to notice them. A dirty room does not necessarily ATTRACT bed bugs, but it does provide many more places for bed bugs to hide.

What Makes Bed Bugs Bite You

Bed bugs feed on human blood, which is why they bite. When you exhale, you emit CO2, which tells them where you are. You can't keep these pests from biting you unless you lose all of your blood or stop breathing.

Instead, you can concentrate on keeping bed bugs out of your home by following our comprehensive bed bug removal guide.

What Smells Attract Bed Bugs

Although the cracks in some wood provide excellent hiding places for bed bugs, the material itself is not particularly appealing. Discarding wooden furniture will not reduce the likelihood of an infestation.

Household Chemicals Attract Bed Bugs: MYTH

Bed bugs are not attracted to commonly used cleaning products like:

⦁ Ammonia

⦁ Bleach

⦁ detergent for laundry

⦁ Softeners for clothing

⦁ Bed bugs do produce their chemical, histamine, which attracts other bed bugs.

MYTH: Bed Bugs are attracted to period blood

Bed bugs are not attracted to menstruating women any more than they are to anyone else. They are drawn in by body heat and carbon dioxide. They have no way of knowing if someone is on their period.

MYTH: Bed Bugs are attracted to urine

There is no scientific evidence that urine is attractive. Still, if the urine was acidic enough, it could theoretically hold enough carbon dioxide to attract bed bugs.

MYTH: Bed Bugs Cannot Be Seen

Bed bugs and shed skins in close-up. Bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs can be seen with the naked eye, but they frequently hide during the day. At night, you're more likely to catch them.

Dark bed sheets are attractive to bed bugs: FACT

Bed bugs find different colors appealing at different stages of their lives, but they tend to congregate around red and black colored items. They can hide from predators by camouflaging in darker colors.

Bed bugs are drawn to filthy laundry: FACT

Bed bugs are attracted to dirty laundry because it smells like a potential host, so keep your clothes off the floor as much as possible.

FACT: Bed bugs are attracted to heat

Bed bugs understand that a heat source indicates the presence of a host. Regardless of your clothing or the temperature of the room, your body temperature will reveal you.

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