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Rodents tend to be rapid breeders which means that without professional help, your mouse or rodent problem will not go away.

Our mouse removal experts will not only treat the rodent infestation, but we provide rodent removal services and make sure your home is sealed off from them returning! 

 A-1 Pest Master is a licensed Rodent Control company.  


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Chicago Rodent Control Company Services & Pest Control Procedures | Norway Rats VS Home Mouse Control


If you live or run a pest company in the Chicago area and notice that you're seeing more rodents than normal, it's not your imagination, it's time to take control! One of the primary causes is the recent temperature increase; winters in the Chicago area are becoming warmer. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) predicts that mild winters would increase rat populations, implying that rodent control will become even more vital as weather patterns change.


Rats and mice can cause significant property damage as well as unsanitary conditions in homes and businesses. Rodents leave microscopic droplets of urine as well as droppings, which can spread disease and make an ugly mess. If you suspect a rat infestation, it is critical to seek the assistance of a rodent removal firm to prevent the disease from spreading. Make sure you contact A1 Pestmasters' skilled mice and rat exterminator team right away!



Our Chicago mouse control company's success is largely due to our innovative home pest & mouse extermination procedure. We start by thoroughly inspecting each Chicagoland home or commercial facility for any Chicago rodent from top to bottom, paying special rodent control attention to the following areas:


  • Basements

  • Utility rooms are rooms that are used for a variety

  • Attached Garage

  • Kitchens

  • Each Floor Level

  • Attics


Norway Rats VS House Mice

Norway rats and house mice are two distinct species. A species is a group of closely related individuals or populations that can interbreed and produce viable offspring. As a result, Norway rats and home mice are separate species and cannot interbreed. Different species include humans and orangutans, chipmunks and red squirrels, bottlenose dolphins, and killer whales. Services for these pests also differ.

However, Norway rats and house mice are linked. They share a common ancestor who lived millions of years ago; the exact date is unknown, but estimates range from 8 to 41 million years ago. That estimate will most likely become more accurate with time. The descendants of that common ancestor evolved into several species, including Norway rats and house mice.

There are now many genetic, reproductive, developmental, morphological, and anatomical differences between Norway rats and house mice. 

Genetic variations: Norway rats have 22 chromosome pairs, whereas house mice have 20. Norway rats have 2.75 billion base pairs compared to mice's 2.6 billion (humans have 2.9). Approximately 90% of rat genes have a mouse and human equivalents.

Growth differences: Norway rats grow more slowly than house mice. Norway rat gestation, for example, is slightly longer (21-24 days) than house mouse gestation (19-20 days). Norway rats lactate for around 3 weeks, while house mice lactate for about 2 weeks. Both species are born naked and blind, but Norway rats open their eyes at 6 days and reach full furry maturity at 15 days. House mice have eyes at 3 days and hair at 10 days.

Anatomical distinctions: Norway rats have six pairs of nipples, whereas house mice have five pairs.

Physical characteristics: Norway rats are larger, heavier, and longer than house mice.

House mice (weight 30-90 grams, body length 3-4 inches, tail length 3-4 inches). Norway rats have longer ears, feet, and other body parts than house mice, which is related to their larger size.

Norway rats have hefty, broad, and chunky skulls, but house mice have petite, sharply triangular heads with pointed muzzles. Norway rats, on the other hand, have smaller ears about their skulls than house mice.

Sign differences: Rat feces are larger than mouse feces due to their larger body size.

Our home mice exterminator & pest control removal company specialists also look at the outside of each structure. This is a crucial phase because it tells our highly educated professionals how mice get into the structure. This is critical because while any rodent and pest control firm can kill mice, we must prevent fresh rodents from entering the house! We devise an extermination strategy tailored to your needs to rid your home of rodents. When the mice have been eradicated, we use galvanized steel to protect the structure from all entrance points, preventing mice from entering.

The inside of your structure will be disinfected as our final step. Disinfecting & control services for your facility destroy and control all germs and bacteria carried by mice, as well as the odor and tracks they leave behind. Once your home has received control services and has been mouse-free and cleaned, we will provide you with a one-year guarantee that your space will remain free of mice. See our safety data sheets for proof of how you'll never be disappointed when you schedule Chicago rodent & pest services with us!

Please contact Chicago's A1 Pestmasters at 312-647-2630. At our A1 Pestmaster home pest control & removal, we provide a long-term pest control Chicago solution. We'll make your pest service request stage ready with our flexible location home pest control repair plans and control services rodent removal, management, and treatments and finish our pest control service by the desired completion date.

Schedule your control service for Chicago rodent management & rodent control services now! Our pest control experts are ready to handle that pesky pest for you and your family! They're prepared for any job and will get it done by the set completion date timing will be on point, and safety control will be in action!

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