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Ant Exterminator

Ant Removal & Treatment

Ants are an all season pest.  Whether they have invaded your kitchen or patio area, we can effectively treat your ant problem.

We will identify the type of ant(s), determine the source of the infestation, and work with you on a customized solution for your ant control issue.

 A-1 Pest Master is a licensed pest extermination company.  


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Ant Extermination & Control

Ants are an extreme nuisance to have and are extremely difficult to get rid of if you don’t know what you’re doing. The problem with the ant is that it is not immediately obvious where they are coming from. The ant could be entering your home through:

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Cracks in the walls or caulking

  • Baseboard cracks

  • etc

Given that their colonies are so huge and they are so small, it makes them for a formidable foe to have to deal with. They can easily take over your home in just a couple weeks if not managed properly.

Many people make the mistake of buying over the counter treatment products that more often than not fail and do nothing to help rectify the situation.

There are many species, and each one may require a special treatment of their own. There is not a “one size fits all” solution when dealing with them, as they can be very particular about the kinds of treatments they will be susceptible to.

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When to Call a Chicago Ant Exterminator

If you’re dealing with an infestation, it’s best to call a control professional and get services, who has experience dealing with these types of situations / services and allow them to control and handle it on a larger scale to ensure the most effective kind of treatment.

Companies employe various services and treatments and services that will go to the root of the problem, which is not the ants themselves but the colony nest where they’re coming from.

Give us a call today for services and let us help you with solving your problem immediately with a highly effective treatment that will eliminate the entire colony and prevent future invasions in your home.

Ants aren’t just a problem for picnic-goers, they can be a big pest problem in your home or business. The one big problem with ants is that you can’t always tell where they are coming from. They might be invading your kitchen or bathroom, but that doesn’t always mean that is where the trail starts.

It’s important to call in professionals for services the minute you see that line of ants trooping across your floor. The faster that you control and  act, the easier the infestation will be to deal with. We know exactly what we need to do to take care of your ant problem.

We don’t use any “over-the-counter” solutions or services when it comes to pests. We only employ proven techniques and services, and we make sure to stay on top of new control technology to give you the best solution possible.

We will also ensure that we assess your situation so that we can customize a plan of action to fit your home and needs. We want to make sure the ants are gone as soon as possible, and you and your family remain safe throughout the entire ant repair process.

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Ant Infestation


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Home Ant Exterminators


Our Chicago Land  ant exterminators provide a multiple visit treatment designed to eradicate and prevent ants for invading your home. Our control programs are customized for maximum effectiveness and built around leading industry technology in pest elimination. 

To schedule an appointment for getting rid of ants in the house or to inquire detailed costs of ant  extermination in Chicago and surrounding areas, contact our dedicated pest pros today. Our pest control services are backed by a standard 90 Day Warranty that is based on our experience and good reputation as being a top-rated local pest control company serving Chicago & Cook County.


All About Ants


Believe it or not, but ants are actually relatives of bees and wasps. Just like these insects, ants form colonies and are known for working together to achieve common goals. Colonies can range in size from a few dozen to millions. What starts out as a small ant colony can quickly grow into a large infestation.

Ants are found on every continent, excluding Antarctica. They are highly adaptable to and in control of any environment they encounter, which can make them a tricky problem. Their ability to work together and divide up labor also makes them highly intelligent. It is almost impossible to eliminate a colony of ants unless you call in the help of a professional control team.

While most species of ants are not extremely dangerous to humans, there are a few that can cause physical control harm. Species like fire ants can bite and cause burning stinging pain that is extremely uncomfortable.


Professional Ant Extermination Services


There are many kinds of pest that you might see in Chicago, but ants can be particularly troublesome. You might think that you have gotten rid of the problem, but they keep coming back. Not only are they a nuisance, they could be building nests in your food, clothes, and other areas that you want to remain clean and sterile.

Because ants are so small, there are a variety of ways they might be getting into your home. They could be coming in through the cracks in your doors or windows, crevices in your floors or foundation, or in through creases in the roof.

Using our services, we can find exactly where their point of entry is and eliminate that problem. We will keep working until the problem is totally gone. Call today for a free quote and let us help you get rid of your ant problem!

This Ant is Annoying! It is a Pest!


Ants leave the shelter of their nest to discover food and water. Don't make it easy for them! Keep foods

sealed, floorings swept, and all surface areas cleaned. Be specifically careful to keep things tidy while you are targeting the nest, as this will make the sweet ant bait the only thing readily available to the ants.

Once the infestation has actually been eradicated, then clean up the path surfaces and keep them tidy. Ants are small creatures and can go into homes and buildings through minute fractures and crevices. To decrease this, seal around doors and windows and all cable, pipe, and wire entry points. Regularly inspect structures for small fractures through which ants can get entry to your house.

If you're like countless property owners in control, you're at your wits' end about ants. They seem to be everywhere and nowhere without control. They crawl throughout countertops. They circle a drop of spilled soda. They're exploring the sink like travelers at the Grand Canyon! However where are all of these ants originating from? How are ants entering your home? They seem to come from nowhere to exploit every housekeeping control mistake you make! Let's take a look at all the various manner ins which ants can get inside a house.

A lot of homes aren't hermetically sealed, indicating there is some air exchange between the within of your house and the outside. This air exchange generally happens along the seams of walls and windows in addition to doors and vents. These spaces are big enough for ants to find a course into your house.

Also inspect locations where holes have been produced in a wall for a window, outlet, plumbing pipeline, electric line or vent. Actual cracks can likewise welcome ants inside your house. Some building products plaster and other older structure product, for example can establish structural divides that produce a highway for these pests.

It's these gaps that provide ants simply enough area to enter and control house. Foundations that aren't strong cinder block can likewise cause areas that relentless ants can penetrate as they look for food, heat and moisture. Sure, all of us know that ants crawl on our floorings looking for crumbs and other tasty treats.

They may have developed paths beneath carpets, tile and wood flooring. Finding their entry point into a center space can be particularly difficult to control if they are coming under the surface of a floor covering. At the very same time, your subflooring might also be utilized by ants as they move through your home.

While we appreciate the windows in our home for letting in sunshine and fresh air, they might also be giving ants access to your home. Open windows and screens with holes are simple for ants to move through. Beyond the window itself, the window frame might have spaces in between it and the rest of the wall that allows entry for ants.

Similar to you do, some ants will discover the very best method to enter a house is through the control doorway. Control doors that seal improperly are perfect for ants to access. Inspect the seal along the bottom of the threshold, however likewise look for quality seals on the sides and the top of the door, too.

Another thing to think about is any door that is utilized infrequently. Because these doors see little activity, seals may weaken or fractures might develop unnoticed without control. These lapses can allow easy access for ants and other insects. With all the electrical energy, telephone, cable, water and gas lines, there are a great deal of little holes in your home control.

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