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Wildlife Removal Chicago

Chicago Wildlife Removal

Whether you are dealing with Raccoons, Squirrels, Possums, or Skunks; nuisance wildlife can be pretty scary.  

They also have a tendency to damage property.  Let our professionals safely remove these critters from your property.  A-1 Pest Master is a licensed Wildlife Removal company.  


Wildlife Removal Near Me


Have you noticed any wild animals around your house or place of business? Animal Control Specialists' team of professionals can determine whether animals and pests are present in your neighborhood. We have the knowledge and skills to swiftly identify potential ways of entry into your house and propose remedies to prevent wild animal incursion and damage in the future.

Raccoon & Animal Removal

Raccoons and wildlife removal from: Trees, buildings, abandoned cars and machinery, brush piles, chimneys, attics, holes in the ground, caves, culverts, decks, sheds, stoop, patio, 3 season room, dumpster, walls, under home, garage, ceiling.

Skunk Wildlife Control Services

Skunks & wildlife removal from: under sheds, in burrows underground, porch, three season room, deck, stoop, They are not good climbers, skunks often tunnel under concrete pads, structures, parking pads, garage, foundation walls.

Squirrels & Rat Services

Squirrels and wildlife removal from: Attics, walls, backyard, dumpsters, decks, under porch, stoops, residential areas, commercial areas of city, attic, stores, garage & ceilings.   

24 Hour Live Answering Service

We can get you scheduled right away w/ one call!

Same Day Chicago Wildlife Control

We'll get started on your Chicago critter problem right away.

Family Owned over 35 years

You can trust us to solve your wildlife control issue.

A1 Pest Master has the top Southside wildlife control professionals in Chicago, IL, who perform animal pest control services. Only environmentally sustainable and ecologically safe animal control strategies with compassionate wild animal handling procedures are used by our wildlife control professionals in Chicago, IL.

Getting rid of wild animals A situation like this in Chicago, IL usually necessitates the use of expert animal removal services. Any wild animal on your property can be removed with the help of our professionals in Chicago, IL. Our certified personnel will work to eliminate the chicago wildlife & critter, whether it's a squirrel, raccoon, mole, bird, bat, snake, or other wild animal.


Call (312) 647-2630 today to find a wildlife removal professional near you if you have a wild animal problem in Chicago, IL.

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