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How Bed Bugs Get Into Chicago Homes

What are the requirements for a restful night's sleep for you? Some people go to considerable measures to ensure that they receive the best possible sleep. This could include adjusting the temperature to a specific level, arranging pillows for optimal support, or investing in high-quality sleeping accouterments.

Whether you need everything to be just right to sleep or if you could sleep on a rock, there is one item that we are certain will ruin your night. They're known as bed bugs, and they only want to infest your Chicago home to steal your blood. Here's everything you need to know about How Bed Bugs Get Into Chicago Homes.

Bed Bugs' Habitat

Bed bugs do not exist in the wild, which is an interesting tidbit to know. Bed bugs, unlike other blood-feeding pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, are unable to survive outside for a long period of time. This is primarily due to their lack of movement. These parasites must establish themselves near an area where warm-blooded species sleep iordertoorder to get a regular blood meal. This frequently attracts them to human homes and other places where humans gather. The question is, how do they get from one location to another?

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs must rely on speedier creatures to travel around because they are so slow. Fleas and ticks use animals to roam about, and bed bugs use items people carry to get from one area to another. Bed bugs are attracted to the smell of carbon dioxide in particular. This odor can be detected on recently worn garments, backpacks, and other such items.

Once on board, bed bugs will try to remain inconspicuous until they believe they have arrived at their final destination, a dwelling. Unfortunately, they don't always do it properly and can crawl away in the midst of a store or an airport. These wandering bed bugs will then seek out other nearby items to hitch a ride on, which is how you can pick up these parasites in public and eventually need an exterminator bed bugs company.

Hotspots for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be found in almost any place people go. Keeping this in mind, certain areas are more prone to be infested with these pests. Bed bugs, for example, prefer to live in hotels and other areas where people sleep frequently. What's more alarming is that bed bugs can infest both five-star hotels and roadside motels. Knowing what symptoms these bugs leave behind is the only way to tell if they are in a place you intend to stay in.

What Are the Symptoms of Bed Bugs?

When bed bugs infest a location, they leave behind telltale evidence that they are present. Here are four indications to look for in your home and while traveling to detect these pests:

  • Blood spots on the bed sheets

  • Specks of feces that are reddish-black in color

  • Small cream-colored eggs that resemble rice grains

  • Bed bugs that are reddish-brown in color and oval shape.

The Most Effective Way To Deal With A Bed Bug Infestation

If you suspect your house has a bed bug infestation, give these pests the boot as soon as possible by enlisting the aid of A1 Pestmasters. Our team has the skills and experience to effectively identify bed bug infestations and the treatments needed to rid local homes and businesses of these sleep-robbing pests. Contact us at (312) 647-2630 today to learn more about our affordable bed bug treatments and more! Also, visit our website to learn How To Keep Bugs Away During BBQs and to schedule an inspection of your Chicago home for these pests.

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