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Termite Inspection on New Construction Chicago

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, over 600,000 residences face termite infestation every year. If you think you are waging this war alone, there are still roughly 599,999 families out there with the same problem. Aside from the detrimental consequences, it has on the structural integrity of your home; termite inspections costs Chicago homeowners billions of dollars for repair, and pest control treatment. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing you should think about. Termites can affect the market value of your home. So, if you intend to sell your house, have it inspected immediately away and consider taking emergency remedies such as Termite Inspections to prevent an epidemic.

Like any other insects and critters, termites need to feed themselves. One of the most frequent termites found in North America is subterranean termites. Termites infiltrate your homes through gaps and fissures on your walls. These soft-bodied insects feed on cellulose-based materials such as furniture, cartons, paper, wood, and drywall cover, all of which are widely found within your homes. A window frame would hardly be enough for a whole colony, and therefore termites are continually seeking nourishment. Aside from the wood itself, termites are attracted to the moisture it retains. Hence, inspection businesses offer Termite Inspection services.

New Home Construction Pest Control

Below are six ways how termites might damage the market value of your home:

  • Weakens structure and reduces aesthetics\s– Termite infestation generates hollows and sunken wooden constructions. Termites can create significant damages and are capable of chewing their way through your home's support beams. It alone can have a substantial impact on the retail value of your home.

  • Reduces the value by at least 20% - Immediate treatment of your home at the first sign of infestation helps retain the retail value of your home.

  • Increased renovation and repair expenses: More damage requires more repairs, which results in higher renovation and repair costs.

  • Termites wreak havoc on furniture and wooden structures - they can eat their way through. Indeed, their hunger is unquenchable. Additionally, they feed on wood furniture and paper, carpets, and anything fiber and cellulose-based.

  • Termites can depreciate the value of your home — You will be required to disclose any facts about the property you are selling, including the history or presence of termite infestation. Appraisers will determine the market value of your home, and termite damage will undoubtedly affect the computation.

  • Negative image for your listing: A termite infestation causes a listing to lose prospective purchasers. It would be difficult to convince them of the house's structural stability if termites had already chewed on it.

Three Ways to Boost Your Resale Value:

Always contact a professional to conduct a termite examination.

⦁A professional termite inspection near me helps reassure purchasers that your house is termite-free.

⦁Assure purchasers by acquiring a transferable extended termite warranty.

⦁All information should be disclosed in its entirety. Maintain records of any inspections, mitigation, and treatment performed on your home.

How to Recognize an Infestation

Termite-damaged wood structures and sawdust are the most apparent indication of a termite infestation. Examine window and door frames, as well as other timber structures.

Mud tubes - typically seen in corners or clusters along walls, are constructed from small pieces of earth and wood.

⦁They are protected by these mud tubes from dry conditions and predators.

⦁Bouncy floors degradation symptoms on windows and doors fractures and gaps in walls, beams, and ceilings

The Best Way to Avoid Termite Infestation

⦁ Waterworks leaks should be blocked and sealed

⦁ Ascertain that no wood construction comes into direct touch with the soil.

⦁ Complete all cracks and openings

⦁ Schedule a termite examination every 2-3 years.

⦁ Allow ventilation in your home to avoid moisture buildup.

⦁ Schedule a routine termite check to safeguard your house against infestation.

Your Premier Chicago Home Inspection Company | …………. Inspections firm to assist you in avoiding the purchase of The Money Pit. We'll inform you of any health or safety concerns, as well as maintenance requirements, with the home you're considering purchasing. Property Inspections will be your advocate when it comes to buying or selling a property! We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. We have extensive experience and are incredibly thorough. We can assist you if you want to purchase or sell in the Chicago, Palatine, Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, or Schaumburg areas.

Soil Treatment for Termite In New Construction Home

Termite control soil treatment is an excellent way to protect new homes from termites. The two-step liquid treatment offered by …………….. Pest Defense is highly effective and provides long-lasting protection.

Termites are a substantial and persistent danger to any home's value. That is why we perform soil pretreatment to prevent problems from occurring. Our home termite control prevents unwelcome guests from entering by placing a virtual barrier to the soil during new construction.

Treatment of Wood with Borate Termite

An effective termite control option is to prevent infestations in newly constructed homes with wood termite treatment. For years after application, ………….. Pest Defense's borate wood treatment serves as both a termiticide and a termite repellant.

The most effective method of protecting a new home's wooden construction from subterranean intruders is to make the wood so repulsive that they flee. ………….. highly effective borate wood preparation accomplishes precisely that. It permeates deeply into the wood structure to provide long-lasting protection.

How Long Does a Preventive Treatment for Borate Termite Take?

On average, a borate pretreatment takes about 45 minutes. It will not affect your cycle time.

What If I Have Insulation That Has Blown?

Exterior finishes, foundation design, and insulation type all affect the walls erected with ………………….

is tailored to the unique requirements of each builder. ………….. will be installed in specific external or interior walls or a combination of the two.

How Will the Installation Of ..………. System Affect My Cycle Time?

It takes between one and two hours to install a conventional home, so it will not disrupt your construction schedule. We'll accommodate your schedule!

If you discover termites, and you're in need of a Termite inspection On New Construction, our exterminators will provide treatment recommendations so you may move one step closer to sealing the deal!

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