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Who to Call for Attic Inspection

An attic provides insight into a house's previous condition and reveals essential issues hidden from the present owner's view. Generally, attic inspections are not a homeowner's top priority. On the other hand, delaying your attic inspection may result in costly future repairs or severe health risks. There are several compelling reasons to hire experienced home inspectors to conduct frequent attic inspections.

Inspection of the Roof and Attic

Why Are Attics Necessary in Houses?

An attic is a space beneath the roof that functions as ventilation and insulation for your home. It holds a variety of systems, such as electrical, heating, and plumbing, that are critical to your home's safety and efficiency. Failure of any of these systems, or nonconformity between them, might result in a variety of unfavorable circumstances. Additionally, the structure and roof sheathing of your home is exposed. The attic is a critical location to evaluate during home inspections since it contains your home's structure and roof sheathing.

Several Common Attic Issues

Although hidden problems in the attic are very typical, solutions are readily available. The following are some key issues frequently discovered during attic examinations by professionals. To get best services you can also contact termite inspection Chicago il.

Mildew and mold

Mold is a somewhat common concern in attic insulation. Mold and mildew begin to grow, posing a health risk to all property occupants, including pets.

Roof ice dams

In the winter, ice dams on the roof caused by snow can cause difficulties with the insulation in your attic. Additionally, ice can cause considerable roof damage.

Vents that are obstructed restrict airflow

If your attic vents become clogged, moisture will accumulate in your attic insulation due to insufficient airflow. It will result in the growth of mildew and mold.

Insulation that has been improperly put.

When insulation is put improperly, it is not equally dispersed, resulting in increased airflow within the home.

Nesting and habitation of pests

Because the attic is typically dark and uninhabited by humans, organisms such as rats, mice, squirrels, and bats can quickly build their homes in your insulation.

Why an Attic Inspection Is Required Before Purchasing a Home

Before purchasing a home, it is critical to have an attic inspection performed to ensure the following:

⦁ Damage to the rafters or trusses that support the roof

⦁ Damages caused by previous fires in the house

⦁ Attic's current insulation rating, or R-value

⦁ Around the furnace, signs of wood discoloration or rotting and metal rusting.

In the attic, there is evidence of mice and other insect infestations.

What to Look for During an Attic Inspection

The following are some critical points to consider during an attic inspection:

⦁ Ventilation of the attic

⦁ Issues of structure

⦁ Infestation by pests

⦁ Leakage of water

By arranging routine attic inspections, you can help ensure the security of your home and save money on costly repairs and excessive energy bills.

Frequently, as we descend our ladder from the attic, my clients will inquire, "What are you looking for up there?" The following is a list of the most often seen difficulties in attics around the Chicago area:

Inadequate ventilation

This is vital. It has become increasingly clear to me the critical nature of proper airflow in the attic space. Good airflow will allow any unwanted moisture that may enter the attic to escape. Inadequate circulation maintains a high temperature in the attic space throughout the hot season, resulting in roof cover wear and tear. Ventilation will assist in keeping the house cooler due to the colder temperature in the attic. Inadequate ventilation might result in mold and other problems in the attic.

Bathroom fans propelling themselves towards the attic

Bathroom fans are necessary to remove moisture from the air caused by showers and baths. In some circumstances, water can develop mold, a musty stench, and damage, including the attic. Moisture should be vented UP and OUT of the attic via a duct from the fan. Far too frequently, We see bathroom fans venting into box vents intended for attic or eave ventilation. Occasionally, no attempt is made to remove moisture from the attic by homeowners.

Insulation is inadequate

This is a problem with homes constructed in the 1990s or earlier. The energy efficiency movement has increased the bar. While most jurisdictions need at least a foot of insulation, it is usual to see only 2 to 3 inches, and occasionally none at all. We insulated our attic a few years ago and believed the investment paid for itself in the first winter.

The activity of rodents

We've seen a live rodent, and we often used to traces them. The most apparent indicator of rodent activity is their little poops. When we inform a client that they have rats, they frequently ask how they got up there. The solution is that they find a way in through plants or trees close to the home or roof. Rodents will poop and pee in your attic for the duration of their stay. If this continues over an extended period, it becomes a sanitation issue, and we propose that you remove the existing insulation and have new insulation installed.

Your attic is critical to the overall durability of your house and should be inspected regularly. Every three to six months, we recommend putting your head up there. It will result in a healthy and clean attic.

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