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Whistler Woods Forest Preserve

Whistler Woods Forest Preserve, located in Riverdale, Illinois, is a magical haven for migratory birds and Monarch butterflies. The 137-acre forest preserve along the Little Calumet River is a great place to see a variety of bird species and explore the historic Major Taylor Trail, which was named after Marshall "Major" Taylor, an African-American bicycle racer and civil rights advocate who won races all over the world from 1896 to 1910.

According to the Origin of Names and Histories of Places of Places of Cook County Forest Preserves by Roberts Mann, who worked for the Forest Preserves of Cook County from 1930 to 1964, including as the first superintendent of the conservation department, which began in the mid-1940s, the origin of the name Whistler Woods is unknown. Mann's historical account also mentions the "implausible" naming of the site after Captain John Whistler, who led a company of soldiers who built Fort Dearborn alongside the Chicago River in 1803. More than 100 acres of the site were acquired by the Cook County Forest Preserves in 1921, and the remaining acres were acquired in 1922.

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