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Where Wasps Build Their Nests

Wasps often build nests near or on houses, due to the fact that homes satisfy wasp nest requirements. First, wasps need a location where their nest can remain inaccessible to predators. Frequently, wasps build their nests on eaves, overhanging parts of roofing systems, high corners, and even in chimneys. Wasps can hang their nests from just about any base, however, so any high, hard-to-reach area works for them. Along with a remote location, wasps require building material and a food source near their nests. Workers utilize wood fiber to build and expand their nests. They break down weathered wood fiber, blend it with saliva to form a pulp, and form the nest with that pulp.

Wasps are simple predators, so the food source they're trying to find are other, smaller sized insects. If your home is near an insect hotspot like a river or woods, wasps are most likely to build close by. Wasps invest spring to late summertime developing up their colonies as much as possible. To do that, the queen constantly produces eggs. These eggs hatch into larvae, which are housed and safeguarded within the nest itself. Worker bees hunt prey and bring it back to the nest to feed to larvae. Eventually, larvae grow up to be employees themselves. Then the queen lays a new generation of eggs and the procedure begins again.

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