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South Shore International College Preparatory High School

South Shore International College Preparatory High School is a public four–year selective enrollment high school located in the South Shore neighborhood on Chicago's south–east side. South Shore High School, part of the Chicago Public Schools, opened in 1940. South Shore High School started in 1940 at 7626 South Constance Avenue. Initially, the school had a predominantly white student body from the South Shore. African-Americans began to populate the community in the late 1950s. South Shore, built for 2,000 students, was overloaded by 1964. The Chicago Board of Education and CPS agreed a new school was needed to address congestion. The school expansion plan was implemented in 1965. The 75th Street and Constance Avenue extension building was built in April 1966. The extension school was originally budgeted at $2.5 million, with a completion date of 1967, but was later revised to $4.1 million. Mercury Builders of Oak Park, Illinois, built the addition between 1966 and August 1969. Les élèves accèdent to the new wing in September School of Entrepreneurship, School of the Arts, School of Leadership, and School of Technology were established in 2001 on the 7527–7627 South Constance Avenue site. The small school model remained until the Chicago Board of Education decided to phase it out in 2009. The extension building was removed in early 2011 after two tiny schools closed. For the 2011–12 academic year, South Shore School of Leadership only housed students from the remaining schools on Constance Avenue. The CPS opened a new South Shore selective enrollment school to attract children from all across the city. The leadership school closed at the end of the 2013–14 school year, replaced by the new school. The Shore Line got first prize in the annual American Scholastic Press Association review in 1983. The newspaper was the city's first to be ranked #1. In 1981 and 1982, the school's students won first place in the annual essay contest sponsored by the citizen school committee. In 1984, a CBS documentary on the city's public schools featured the institution. South Shore International College Prep High School built in 2011–12 next to South Shore High School and its park. In addition, South Shore International College Prep takes students from all throughout Chicago. A new South Shore High School has the same name (Tars) and colors (Kelly Green and Royal Blue). Less than 1% of South Shore International College Prep students are white. 89.6% of students are low–income.

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