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5 Myths About Pest Control - Affordable Chicago Exterminators

5 Myths about Pest Control and Extermination in Chicago

Over the years, we have learned that people have many wrong ideas about Pest Control! Many try to perform DIY pest control methods for their homes and businesses, but that usually ends with not preventing pesky critters from entering. Ultimately, it is recommended that a professional pest control service be consulted to really help solve the issues of unwanted visitors.

A1 PestMasters is here to make sure no one is deceived into making bad decisions when it comes to pest extermination. We will break down 5 pest control myths and why they are mistakes:

#1 - You should bait traps with cheese.

We all grew up watching cartoons (Tom and Jerry comes to mind), and it was a known fact that rodents love Cheese! As it turns out, mice and rats are pretty indifferent to cheese. Don't get me wrong; mice are scavengers and they like all kinds of food. It's just that cheese isn't more appealing than any other thought-about bait meal.

So the question turns into what should be used instead? Actually, mice love peanut butter. In fact, if you are considering a good mouse bait, look for foods with high sugar content. Examples of these types of food are dried fruit, the aforementioned peanut butter, or other sweets.

#2 – Rodents feed on bait and rodenticide, and then get thirsty and go outside.

Bait and rodenticide don’t make rodents thirsty. It is a fact that rodents do indeed, need water to survive daily. What is not known or understood is that mice gets most of their water from the food that they eat. Mice don't venture out much and normally stay within 30 feet of their nests.

#3 - If you can't see them, then they aren't there.

Some of the most problematic issues a home or business can face is the pests that stay out of sight and hidden. For example, termites and carpenter ants are recognized for feasting on the insides of walls. Bed bugs are night-loving and usually don't appear during the day when you can probably see them.

The best pest prevention goes beyond just "keeping an eye out." Getting ahead of possible pest issues is always the best option. It's always better to be safe than sorry because you don't see them, the creepy crawlers see you!

#4 - You won't get Bed Bugs if you are clean!

Let's talk specifically about bed bugs here! These are one of the crawling pests that most are simply not knowledgeable about. Bed bugs are not attracted only to dirty rooms. As long as there is a "host", bed bugs can thrive. They can be discovered in the most quality of hotels, regardless to the sufficient amount of cleaning performed to each room. Since humans are their host, bed bugs can exist anywhere that you do. And against the name associated with them, they are not confined to only bedrooms and beds.

#5 - I don't see a pest infestation, so I don't need Emergency Pest Control!

Certain pest can do a lot of damage without ever being seen. We mentioned carpenter ants and termites in Myth #3 above. It is absolutely necessary to have a pest prevention plan to ensure your dwelling place is taken care of. It's better to be prepared before an infestitation takes place, which would cost you more time, money, and peace if not tackled early enough.

Here at A1 PestMaster Pest Exterminators, we want your business to succeed and your home to safely remain pest-free! Don't be a victim for falling for some of these myths about pest control. Be informed and make the best decisions to protect your family and business. Call A1 PestMasters today at (773) 365-9962 to schedule you free Extermination Plan Assessment.

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