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How To Keep Bugs Away During BBQs

There is no better time of year than a summer evening filled with the aroma of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Not to mention the several side dishes, beverages, friends, family, and games. The only drawback to this great evening is the intrusive party goers who were not invited. The bugs that swarm your drinks, crawl into your food, and leave you with itchy or stinging bites all over your body, not the neighbor you "forgot" to invite. Summer brings warmer temperatures, and with higher temperatures come more stinging insects, ants, mosquitoes, and flies.

Don't cancel your plans just yet; there's no reason to call it a night because of a few irritating bugs. We have some helpful hints on How To Keep Bugs Away During BBQs. Consider the following advice and tips if you want to increase the quality of your BBQ:

1. Prevent Standing Water

The easiest approach to be prepared is to plan ahead of time, survey your yard or the area where the BBQ will be held, and look for any areas with standing water. Did you realize that mosquitoes only require 12 inches to breed? Other spots in your yard to look for include birdbaths, flowerpots, baby pools, and puddles.

2. Keep Your Yard Trimmed and Well-Maintained

A clean and trimmed yard not only looks beautiful and contributes to the right ambiance for a BBQ, but it also helps to keep insects at bay. Keeping overgrown landscaping trimmed and well maintained will assist to eliminate bug hiding places.

3. Seal Your Doors at Home

Before inviting visitors to your party, inspect all of the screens on your doors and windows for tears or rips. Repairing these beforehand is a simple approach to keep pests out. You can also request that when guests arrive, they close the door behind them to prevent bugs from entering your home.

4. Avoid Perfume

When it's hot outside, your body temperature rises, especially if you're wearing dark clothing. Warmer body temperatures and body odor attract insects. If you want to disguise the sweat in your armpits, look for a lighter-colored suit.

Other attractants include anything strongly perfumed, such as:

  • Hair products

  • Lotions

  • Perfumes

  • Colognes

These smells not only attract suitors, but they also make you appealing to pests.

Avoid using aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

Even flying bugs like the game of "hide and seek." They regard aluminum cans and plastic bottles to be excellent hiding places. Provide plastic cups for your visitors and urge them to pour their drinks into plastic cups rather than play the game.

7. Keep It Neat and Clean

Spills and crumbs are unavoidable; simply clean them up as soon as possible to avoid attracting more bugs to the area. Keep trash can lids on at all times.

Another useful thing to do is to clean up abandoned cups and plates on the table or on the ground on a regular basis to prevent putting on a mini BBQ for pests.

Bugs during BBQs can be difficult to eliminate completely. Preparing ahead of time is the greatest approach to ensure an enjoyable and bug-free BBQ. If you're still concerned about their existence, get registered Chicago bed bug experts to inspect your home and yard before the party. They will be able to detect potential pest hideouts and will understand how to treat and eradicate the prospective pest. Call A1 Pestmasters at (312) 647-2630 today for more on bed bugs and The Trick To Keeping Your Chicago Vacation Home Pest-Free. If you’re having a pest problem we’ll be your go-to exterminator bed bugs Chicago firm as well as spiders, roaches, mosquitos, rodents, and more!

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