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How Mice Get Into Chicago, Illinois Homes?

Home invasion has always been a mouse specialty. These pests have always attacked properties and preferred to live indoors rather than outdoors. Why? Our homes make living simple. They give mice refuge from the elements, food and water indefinitely. How Do Mice Get into Chicago, Illinois Homes?

That, and a few simple methods to keep these pests at bay.

What Are House Mice?

Various rodent species inhabit Chicago, Illinois. Some intrude. Others prefer nature and rarely enter buildings. The house mouse is the poster child for a rodent that invades homes. This invasive pest is the most common rodent invader in Chicago and around the world.

A house mouse has a dusty gray coat, a cream-colored tummy, a 2.5-3.25 inch round body, and a long thickly haired tail. This pest can squeeze through nickel-sized openings and climb up vertical surfaces with little grip. The question is whether your home has entry points for house mice.

Why Do Mice Invade Homes?

“Wouldn't it be lovely to live beyond those walls?” don't occur to house mice. Enticed by attractants, they enter through access points to discover the luxury hidden beyond your locked doors.

To better understand these pests, here are some things that attract them:

  • A warm or chilly current of air leaking through a fracture or break in your home's façade

  • Yard-falling fruit, berries, or nuts

  • Food scraps and open beverage containers from outdoor events

  • Debris in and around a house

  • Material piles and wood stacks around a property

  • Exterior cracks, gaps, or apertures larger than a nickel

  • Window or door open

  • Countertop food left out

  • Open trash cans

  • Easy-to-find pantries

  • ponding

  • Pipe leaks

  • blocked gutters

How To Prevent Mice

To keep mice out of your house, restrict their access to food and water, and seal the exterior so they can't get in. Otherwise you’ll be forced to call an exterminator Chicago south side company

Here are eight preventative methods to help:

  • Caulk and steel wool clumps external foundation apertures.

  • Install external door sweeps.

  • Close unscreened windows and doors.

  • Clear clutter and debris from your home.

  • Stay tidy.

  • Keep food out of reach of mice.

  • Verify that your trash can lids are secure.

  • Resolve moisture issues around your house.

What To Do If Mice Invade

Mice are far easier to prevent than to eradicate. If these invasive rodents are producing problems in your Chicago home, call A1 Pest Control. We know the best rodent traps and treatments to use to get rid of these pests. We always have your best interests in mind because we are a family-run business committed to serving our Chicago communities.

Contact us today at (312)647-2630 if you have any questions or concerns about pest-free living. Learn about Chicago’s Complete Cockroach Prevention Guide on our site as well.

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